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I work collaboratively with therapy participants and their families, pairing my areas of focus and expertise with the needs of the individual/family. Together we work to identify and attune to the root causes of symptoms and work to heal ruptures within individual, familial and other systems. 

Frequently Addressed Concerns​​​

  • Complex Trauma/PTSD

  • Grief & Loss

  • Identity

  • Adoption/foster care related trauma

  • Dissociation across the lifespan

  • Trauma informed/attuned parenting

  • Relationship Challenges

  • Emotional/Behavioral Dysregulation

  • Pre and Post Adoption Support

Individual Therapy

Therapy Session

Everyone deserves a safe space to address their inner thoughts and feelings. I strive to provide a therapeutic environment that promotes acceptance, understanding and growth and will work collaboratively with you/your family to achieve goals.

Trauma Informed Treatment

Zen Stones

 Trying to overcome different degrees of trauma can be a challenge, especially without appropriate support. Trauma informed treatment can be an effective way to work toward creating the life that you envision through healing the root causes of present day symptoms. My goal as a trauma therapist is to help therapy participants acknowledge, understand and process difficult events in order to lead a more balanced life. 

Play Therapy


Children learn about themselves, others and the world around them through play, that is their primary language. Play therapy is an evidenced based practice that allows a way into the inner world of the child so that meaningful shifts and progress can be made. Play therapy can assist with issues children experience including behavioral/emotional outbursts, self esteem, aggression, anxiety, depression, trauma, attachment struggles, life transitions, and more.

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